The GypsyBros are two brothers, named Tim and Jay Gielen, who have been playing and performing their music since they were children.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, they moved at an early age with their family to Southern Spain.

Their musical taste has always varied; from the classical Beatles to flamenco artist Paco de Lucia. But their biggest musical influence by far has been the rhythmic music of the “Gipsy Kings”.

The duo started by playing music on the streets of Málaga to make some money. After some time they began to perform traditional flamenco music in bars and restaurants. They really enjoyed it but they always wanted to do a lot more than just flamenco. Therefore, they started to blend their own music with other musical styles in different languages and they decided to continue that way.

Their music was well received and soon they were asked to perform at the whole southern coast of Spain,  in France and The Netherlands.

They performed on local radio and television, and recently on one of the most well-known shows of Dutch television, “Sint & de Leeuw”, hosted by tv-personality Paul De Leeuw.

At the moment their style is best described as a mix between Latin and international Pop Music, with a very personal, Andalusian sound.

When they perform they usually mix between up-tempo songs and ballads. Their repertoire includes all-time favorites such as Bamboleo, Billy Jean and Volare, but also modern hits such as Cheerleader, All of Me and El Perdon.

Nowadays they write their own songs in Spanish and English. They even enjoy singing in Dutch as well!

The GypsyBros will make your party an unforgettable experience, in which the audience is actively involved. As soon as you hear GypsyBros playing you will feel like dancing, singing and clapping along. “¡Vamos a bailar!”

our audience

GypsyBros performing for Paul de Leeuw at Dutch TV


​"I loved them, amazing!" ( Paul Stewart, "The Feeling" )

"The best I've seen!" ( Rick Parfitt, "Status Quo" )

"They were fabulous" ( Heston Blumenthal, British Celebrity Chef )​

"Classic Gipsy Kings sound" ( Paco de Lucia )

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